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It is not too late to sign up for this year’s charity blogging extravaganza.

2011 August 06 starting at 09:00 EST

blog-o-rama 2011

Together we can make a difference!


“So long, and thanks for all the fish”

~ Douglas Adams

Hope to see everyone next year for an Official Blogathon!

I want to thank everyone who participated and all their sponsors.

I will be posting the last few Blog Highlights after a nap, since the site went a bit screwy a little while ago. I hope everyone made it and is going to get some sleep. Hopefully I will see you all next year during the Official Blogathon.

Wow, time flies. I have not kept up with the Blog Highlights, but I intend to catch up. Everyone is doing great, do not give up as we have all come this far.

I, first, want to thank Brittany for helping me monitor our event here.

Second, I want to thank all the sponsors, supporting all the bloggers,

for making a difference in people’s lives.

Most of all I, again, want to thank all the bloggers, not just those listed here,

for thinking of others and actually taking action.

~ Jess

With 45 minutes left before the blogging begins, I want to thank all the bloggers for taking up this challenge of staying up for 24 hours just to raise money for a charity. There is a RSS feed for the bloggers listed on the blogroll, but it is not perfect — for whatever reason it will not show the author, but hover over the title and it will reveal the blog URL in the status bar. I will be highlighting the blogs on the blogroll periodically throughout the event. If anyone has anything they would like to share please feel free to comment and I will post it.

Happy Blogging Everyone!

It is about 11 hours till the start of Blog-o-rama and I want to throw out some ideas on how to stay awake and keep blogging for all the awesome charities we all are blogging for. In no particular order:

  1. Stay hydrated; water and juice = best options.
  2. Make sure to walk around.
  3. Read through the blogs of your fellow Blog-o-ramans.
  4. Take a shower (again if need be).
  5. Avoid too much sugar or caffeine, as to avoid crashes.
  6. If you get sleepy set an alarm for your next post just in case you doze.
  7. Eat healthier foods, to avoid stomach issues.
  8. Listen to music.
  9. Watch TV/movies, but maybe not on the couch when it is later.

All these ideas are based on past (Official) Blogathon experiences; many came about from what I did wrong. I made it through 4 times already, so this list has been tested.

I would like to more formally announce the monitors for Blog-o-rama 2010.

Brittany blogging for

Jess blogging for The Tibetan Nuns Project

If there is anyone else interested, just let me know.

I almost forgot to mention that despite this being a 24 hour blogging event, blogging every half hour, one would naturally assume there will be 48 posts. In fact there will be 49 posts because you will be posting your last post after 09:00 EST the next day.

Please note the World Clock link in the sidebar to find the time to start blogging if you are unsure. I am in the Eastern time zone so I set the event to start where I live  — 9 am.

Everyone can use this post to update the running dollar amounts we are raising for our individual charities.

For anyone wondering what to do about donations here is what I have always done on my event blog:

  • I create a list in a sidebar (if your blog has this feature), even if just text based.
  • When I received confirmation from a sponsor, usually be email, I tallied them in the list.
  • I list a screen name for each sponsor (even just first name) and the dollar amount.
  • Then I just keep a running tally of the amounts.
  • After the event, I send emails to ask that the sponsors honour their pledge amount.

I set up this blog for all the bloggers who would have participated in, the now sleeping, Blogathon 2010. I am hoping to get everyone to come together and use this space as a makeshift home base. I want to start a blogroll with everyone’s blog listed, so please comment to be added. I was hoping to get a couple of monitors to help keep everyone on track during the event.

Most important, Blog-o-rama 2010 will be held:

July 31, 2010 starting at 09:00 EST
Blogging every half hour for 24 hours!

Together we can make a difference.

Blog-o-rama 2010 raised:

$ 3,979.94

World Clock

Here is a link in case you are not sure what time Blog-o-rama 2010 starts in your time zone.

When do I start blogging?

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