It is about 11 hours till the start of Blog-o-rama and I want to throw out some ideas on how to stay awake and keep blogging for all the awesome charities we all are blogging for. In no particular order:

  1. Stay hydrated; water and juice = best options.
  2. Make sure to walk around.
  3. Read through the blogs of your fellow Blog-o-ramans.
  4. Take a shower (again if need be).
  5. Avoid too much sugar or caffeine, as to avoid crashes.
  6. If you get sleepy set an alarm for your next post just in case you doze.
  7. Eat healthier foods, to avoid stomach issues.
  8. Listen to music.
  9. Watch TV/movies, but maybe not on the couch when it is later.

All these ideas are based on past (Official) Blogathon experiences; many came about from what I did wrong. I made it through 4 times already, so this list has been tested.